Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hmmm been awhile

I realize it's been quite a while since I updated my blog. Since September actually. I've been trying to remember what I have done since then. Let's see . . . the flower fairies have finally gotten framed and mailed to Stefy. She told me that Andy didn't believe that I had stitched them until she showed him my initials. lol I also got my two geishas framed and they look awesome! Well worth it since I started them like what about 9 years ago? At the moment they're sitting in front of the Christmas tree (yes we still have a Christmas tree up 2/3 of the way thu January - mom was saying something about decorating it for Valentine's Day) It looks rather nice in front of the tree. I was able to get the framing done for 60% off so I feel it was like a Christmas present to myself. I also got Mom's bird heart wreath framed. And it looks great being hung up in the dining room. I'm very glad I finally finished it!
I completed several more projects.
I started and finished a lovely castle on some 32-ct linen (Hawaiian sunrise). I want to stitch this again with 2 other color combinations a periwinkle/periwinkle and a green/copper color. The border is what really makes this piece pop out and look great.

I finally finished the card I started for Sal - it just made me think of him. Plus the kit had been on sale at Michael's for $1.40. And when I gave it to him, he really liked it.

I also finished the wine trivett that went along with the coasters. :)

I found a free pattern of Daniel Radcliffe on the Britain's Cross Stitcher website. I finished it on Saturday about 8 pm.

And after I finished my Daniel Radcliffe, I started on my latest of the pixies, Fern, right after that. I still have to get my fabric for the big SAL I signed up for. I've already gotten really far with Fern - half her green dress and most of the fleshy bits. I'm hoping to get her stitched or most of the way stitched by my birthday (1/30) . . . that would be very cool.

This is the SAL I signed up for - it's called The Moon, tho I'm thinking she needs a name . . . still haven't decided between Bolka (Pathfinder's dwarven goddess of love/beauty) or Falga (queenrider in Moreta Dragonlady of Pern).

I just recently (like last week!) started teaching cross stitch lessons to some girls. Only one of them showed up tonight and she got all the way to actually stitching - two whole rows. I can't wait until next week. I got the idea that it would be uber-cool to have a studio, like if I had enough students. And it would be so cool if there was a part of it that was like art and pottery and stained glass and the other part like needlecrafts and yarn crafts and the like. Maybe it would be cool if there was like a loft or a second floor for the needlework crafts. Ah that would be so cool.

Ok off to stitch some more . . .