Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here is how far I've gotten with the sorceress in the last game session on Sunday. I didn't actually stitch much while we were playing since I had to play both Tannith and Zoltan, but I stayed for like 2 or 3 hours afterwards and stitched. I almost had gotten all of that color done . . . if I'd been able to stitch during the game, I might have gotten a bit further.

Here is the heart wreath that I started back in 1993. I hope to get it done by the end of the decade. lol Maybe posting pics will help?

Here is how far I have gotten on the summer plums. I was just working on it before I took a pic of them. I think that I'll probably be able to get it done soon, maybe next week? I'd like to get done with this so it's finally done, and then maybe I can get back to Legend. I hope.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh I forgot the Tannith ccs pics

I just realized I forgot to add pics of the 3 Tannith pics.

The first is called QS Lotus wood, the second is called Rendezvous, and the 3rd is Kindred. I know both Lotus and Rendezvous need some tweaking. Tannith is a redhead who likes blue, Corsair is a blonde, and they both need pointy ears. Half-elves, after all, you know. I think I'd only do the portion of Kindred that has the woman/dragon and take off the wings.


Tannith & Corsair:


Well here's what I've been up to

I sorted out the flosses of the heart-shaped bird wreath I started back in 1994 for Mom. I thought I'd started it back in 1992, but I remember working on it on a trip I was on in the 8th grade. Oh well. Wait, no that would be 1993. I had to replace some of the flosses as age or something got spilled on some of them and I was like eeewww. I had tried to work with them before and I don't like them. Oh well. Now it's all sorted out and I think I might get to finish it by the end of this decade! lol

I worked on the alternate sorceress this week during the Tannithland game. I got rather far on her. Now you can see almost all of the shape of the cape. I look forward to seeing how she turns out. I have been asking people about what color you'd put a wizard/sorcerer in. Most have said blue, but a few have told me purple. Tho I think I may go with burgundy like Dad said. I could always do 2 of him. lol

I also have been working on the feng shui of the summer plums lately. I'd like to get the bar at the top done tomorrow, like with the burnt orange back stitching. The back stitching looks kind of cool, almost a little like candle flames.

Other than that it's been rather quiet. Tho I did look on HAED (Heaven And Earth Designs) and I found 3 more pics I'd like to do for various d&d characters. lol
Corsair & Tannith's daughter, Corsira

I thought this would be Amalanna's daughter Ro, but Kattie told me she already picked out something for Ro. I still like this tho:

Sarenrae - well she needs fiery blonde hair:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


SAL = Stitch ALong

These are neat. I've done several online ones. With the online ones, it's not always stitch the same project, tho it could be. The irl (in-real-life) ones are most often where you do the same project. So I started a SAL with Kattie this weekend. We're stitching the sorcerer (tho we have tended to call him a wizard) and the sorceress that I had stitched back in 1998 & 1999 respectively. We'll work on them on Sundays when we play in Matt's game. She decided to start with the sorcerer and I decided to start with the sorceress. She is doing hers in forest greens for her mom for Christmas. I'm not doing either for anyone, but I am changing the colors. I've decided to use the dmc color variations in blues and lighter blues and white/grays. Plus I am changing the hair to be red. I suppose I'll have to change the ears so they're pointy. lol Tannith is a half-elf after all. I'd added some blending filament on the magic items in both pictures, but Kattie asked about adding some blending filament to the stars on the robe. But I got off to a good start on the sorceress. (Ok I did do a little today, but I wanted to finish off this one section that isn't in the picture.) I started with the sorceress since I still don't know what colors I want to do the sorcerer in.

The original color scheme of the sorcerer:

The original color scheme of the sorceress:

The new sorceress:

Friday, March 13, 2009


Here's my latest progress . . . well since the last time I posted.

I've been busy!

I made my dice bag for my character Kheti. I used varigated yellow/orange for the ankh with the cable for the backstitching on the one side and on the other I used some 742 with some high luster blending filament (gold), gold #4 braid, and the cable for the other side being a sunburst.

I got lots of stuff finished on 3-8-09!
I also did my raindrop kids. I'd have gotten them all done during Shivacon had I remembered the white floss and also if I'd stitched at all during the last game session. I think I'd like to do them again, but change them a bit. I want to change the little boy's hair to red and his skin to be a grayish green, so he's Little Corsair. And change the girl's hair to black, her skin to bronze, and add a tail, so she can be Tobin.

Then I finished my Herself the Elf - I had only had the backstitching to finish when I'd gotten to Shivacon, but I wanted to only work on the raindrop kids, so that's why it took me another week or so to finish it. But now it's all done. Yay vintage cartoons! I like the little froggy - I think I'll use that bit of the pattern on Ayla's dice bag. (Now I just need 3 more animals and some plants . . . )

I also got the cross stitching done on Haruna's dice bag. It was really easy. I just randomly picked different musical notes and symbols and just randomly put them where I thought they should go. Now I just have to put it together. I will use some of the musical fabric I have for the liner. I think that'll look nice.

Currently working on:
Yup I've picked Legend back up and I've gotten a little further on the sphinx done. It's a little hard following along with the pattern since it's more than 2 - 4 pages. I don't think I've ever done one with this many pages before! lol But I've wanted to do this one since 2005, so I will. It's not a hard pattern to follow, tho the shading is very close together, so it's helpful to do all of one color that I can before moving on to the next one. I'm hoping to get lots done. Tho I keep getting sucked into the internet . . . hmmmm . . .

The ones I want to work on next:
SALs with Kattie - she and I will work on the wizard and sorceress pics during Matt's Sunday game. It's going to be fun working on something with someone. I think I'll do different colors tho I'm not sure what colors I'll use. But I think I may do varigated or overdyed floss for the sorceress. Maybe blue(s) for her dress, turquoise for her cape, and red for her hair? Not really sure at this point. But I think it'll be on some sort of evenweave.
HAED - I finally have the fabric, the floss, and the chart for the QS Lotus Wood one, or as I have decided in my mind, the Tannith one. I just need to figure out the hair before I stitch it. She's got to have red hair, even if the face isn't exactly her. I'll use this sparkly blue/turquoise stuff for her eyes.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I decided to make a cross stitch blog

Yup, blogging is fun. And so is counted cross stitch. Hence the counted cross stitch blog.

That is Tigerlily. I started her about 7 pm on 2-1-09 and finished her a little after 6 am on 2-15-09. She is one of the Pixie Couture Collection by Nora Corbett thru Mirabilia. I stitched her on Silkweaver wandering ivy on 32 count lugana. She was really easy to stitch and went really quickly. If I were to ever stitch her again, I'd reverse the light and dark areas of her skin. She is actually the second of the pixies I've stitched.