Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here's more update pics of Iris. I stayed home sick and watched some dvds on my new little portable dvd player and stitched a lot. I have gotten further than the second pic, but I didn't feel like taking another pic yet. I have gotten about 1/3 done with the purple bits on the left side.

When I finish the left side, then I'll work on the fleshy bits - legs, arms, face, hair. (Ok that's not fleshy but it's part of the fleshy bits.) Then I will just have the wings to stitch. Then after that will be the back stitching, and there's not much of that on the pixies. And the last bit will be the beading. That usually doesn't take too long. I'm going to update my places where I post cross stitch pics and then work on it some more.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ok it's been a while time for an update

Ok I've not been very good about updating this lately, but here it is.

I finished the geishas on 7/1/09 sometime around 3:45 am or so. They needed to be washed, as did Mom's bird heart wreath. Not surprising, I'd say, since the geishas were almost a decade old and the wreath was over a decade and a half old. The wreath bled from that maroon color thread and it took me about 8 soakings. But I was finally happy with it. When I have a little extra money (I'm thinking after I do a lot more overtime?) and they have a 50% off framing sale at AC Moore, I'll have Mom pick out her frame.

I have finally started Iris - I started her on 7/1/09, and I got lots done on her during the 3-day weekend. Then, however, I sort of stalled a bit with the 2 weeks of overtime. This is how far I've gotten on her:

I'm really looking forward to being done with all that gold/brown . . . I'm sort of sick of that color. But it will look really nice when it's done.

This is what I am really looking forward to stitching. I'll be stitching this for Stefy for her baby. I don't think they're going to take that long to do. I'm thinking it'd be really neat to be able to mail it to her for her baby shower, which is August 29th. But I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't make that deadline. I'm adding some 0032 blending filament to the wings. I'd thought about matching the sparkly to the color of the fairy, but Stefy thinks opalescent would make sense for fairy wings.

They have another 4 new pixies! Ack! I'm falling further and further behind. lol I do have Pansy and Sweet Pea. I haven't gotten Bluebell (I really like the color on her) and Magnolia yet since I just ordered them this week.
Here are the new ones of the pixies:



Sweet Pea

And in the music videos:
I'm thinking now for Ishtar, I'd really rather use Godsmack's Voodoo and that maybe their Serenity would be nice for Aveyond. I was thinking their Running Blind might be nice to use for that Miribilia's Stargazer. Yup I do want to stitch that too. So I think that Corsira will get Greensleeves (RVCB).

I think I need a 36 hour day to stitch this all.