Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here's more update pics of Iris. I stayed home sick and watched some dvds on my new little portable dvd player and stitched a lot. I have gotten further than the second pic, but I didn't feel like taking another pic yet. I have gotten about 1/3 done with the purple bits on the left side.

When I finish the left side, then I'll work on the fleshy bits - legs, arms, face, hair. (Ok that's not fleshy but it's part of the fleshy bits.) Then I will just have the wings to stitch. Then after that will be the back stitching, and there's not much of that on the pixies. And the last bit will be the beading. That usually doesn't take too long. I'm going to update my places where I post cross stitch pics and then work on it some more.

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