Friday, July 13, 2012

I won!

I never win, ok that's not true, but usually on giveaways and things like that I don't usually win. But this time I won!

What did I win? The Christmas blog giveaway run by Rachel on her blog. Woooo! Two new charts of QS/SK/equivalent!

So what did I pick?

First I carefully looked through all the ones on my wishlist and decided the ones I wanted most, that if I was going to buy them, I'd pick these first. I picked JBG's Faces of Faery 187 as she goes with #185, the red ninja. So of course, she had to come home with me.

The other one wasn't much of a stretch to decide on either. Michele just released a whole bunch of super adorable Spangler SKs with cute little dragons in front of books. Of course my favorite is decidedly the one with the sword. SK Midieval History is the second one I chose.

Of course I waaaas quite tempted to ask for both Winter Wings SKs, as they're a pair, but realized I would like to have the set of ninjas complete before moving on. Plus . . . a cute lil' dragon with a sword and shield is super cute too. It's a whimsical sort of d&d thing. I will just have to stitch a bunch and get two more finishes for the December - January 203 rewards period for the Winter Wings set. Or find a job. Either way would work.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Christmas time?

Well in a way, yes. A facebook friend of mine, Rachel, decided she needed a bit of Christmas cheer. It's winter for her way down there in New Zealand. So they're celebrating Christmas down there now (well sort of since it's gloomy/overcast/wet days). So if you go to her blog and post a favorite Christmas memory, you might be able to win a HAED chart. And even if you don't actually want to be in the drawing, you can still share a memory if you like. Plus you might read one of the ones in the comments and get a warm, fuzzy feeling that has nothing to do with the heat of summer or possibly heartburn.

The address of the contest: (just copy/paste into your browser)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

SK Logan

I have been working on SK Logan for the past two weeks, maybe a bit more than two weeks. And I have been steadily trying to get through the floss I'd pulled out from the "extra" bag. One of which is the massive amount of Krenik 032 #4 braid. It doesn't show up as well in the picture as it does in real life, but you can kind of see where I've gotten with that one. I can see the outline of the cat and his antennae. There's another 8 or 9 (I think) colors along with the Krenik before I have to go scavange floss. Hopefully, I will be able to post another WIP pic soon. I really like how he's coming along. There's 8 weeks and 5 days until the end of the rewards period, I better get back to working on him and Snow if I want them in! I did turn in SK Strength for the rewards program, I'm just waiting for my chart (my guess it's rather busy over at HAED). I picked SK Flower Fairy for that.

Ok, with no further ado, here is my latest on SK Logan!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


What is this large number? You're probably asking that. Why it's just the number of stitches of 032 #4 Krenik braid in SK Logan. Of course the number for the full size Buzz is almost 25,000, so not as much as all that. Still, that's not a small number by any means. Though it will be quite sparkly when it's done. I had pulled out from my "extra floss" all the colors I had so I didn't have to either go buy floss (hey use what I've got) or broach my stash. Of course, I know that there are some colors that are probably in QS Snowflake or SK Forbidden Doorway. So I'll see what is in those when I run out of the "extra floss". I've got another 10 colors yet to start. I'm currently working on 3, though one is that #4 braid. I'm alternating the braid with floss. I can see where the cat is and the flowers and some of the greenery. I know I've got extra skeins of 310, I might pull that out and do that before going back to Snow. I will use 3 strands of black, I like to give extra coverage on the black, and of course be sure to railroad it. I dislike when the background shows through. I'm thinking he's going to look stunning. Of course, I keep thinking, of I should stitch this or oH I should stitch that. I need more hours in the day. And a job (I have put in like 14 job applications so far this week). And the winning lottery numbers.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


There's a wonderful little program/ability/whatever you want to call it on the HAED site called RAK - Random Act of Kindness. That's where you can buy a chart, but rather than downloading it (or having it mailed to you if you get a printed copy), you send it on to someone else. Granted, I don't have the money to do so, though I've several people I've wanted to send charts to. Oh if only I won the lottery. lol some people just to see how fast it could be stitched, there are some ladies I've spoken with on FB that simply amaze me with the speed they stitch. I swear they have +2 Needles of Haste or something. But I digress. On one of the FB groups, someone suggested that there should be a document with email addies on it/names/etc so if someone wanted to RAK another, they could. Seeing the phrase "I got rakked!" makes my mind go wait what? it doesn't sound like it's a good thing, though it is.

Sooo . . . I checked my email after being ofline since Friday night and I saw I had not one but two emails telling me I had something rakked to me! Wow! lol though they did have lots to choose, there are so many I like, my preeescious . . . So I got Faces of Fairy 185 (the red "I am ninja") by JBG from Liz D. and QS Poisionous Beauties, also by JBG from Michelle D! I'll post pics in a bit as I'm on Netty at the moment. I'm deciding if I am so tired that I can't stay awake long enough to turn Tagetarl on and download the charts (and post the pics) or if I should just crash until after church (hopefully). I probably should be responsible and go to bed as I've just yawned so largely I couldn't see anything. It was a very long day babysitting (during my friend's work and then when she went to the ER for jaw pain, there wasn't much they could do for her) and then another friend came over to do the laundry and then we sat around talking for hours. Yup, gonna crash.

As promised, here are the beauties!:

Faces of Fairy 185:

I am ninja, you are ninja . . . ok enough of Ask A Ninja (YouTube it if you've not seen it, the Pirates of the Carribean is hilariouuuusss!) I, of course, like to have pairs if there are pairs, so eventually, I'll get FoF 187, who is her blue companion . . . lol I should stitch this one and then submit her for 187 as the reward! This little lady is the more eye-catching of that pair, with all the red. Plus, I think I remember reading about how red is a lucky color in Asian societies (Chhinese culture)? I forget where I read or heard that, but I think I did. But if it is, that can't be a bad thing. I used to not like red that much, but over time, I think I do.

And QS Poisionous Beauties:

She reminds me of Poison Ivy, who I loved when Uma Thurman played her. I had said oh no you shouldn't add anything else to the wishlist . . . that resolution was broken when I saw Michele's had added her to my newsfeed. I'm terrible. lol I used to not like JBG's work - the eyes looked too big and the whole thing looked strange, but then I found QS Rose Fairy. Which I will probably work on later this year, must finish confetti. But now I like them more and more, plus, I tend to want to collect sets, like I'm still somewhat annoyed Revenge of the Sith will never be on VHS, I have all the others on VHS and episodes 4 - 6 in two different box sets. Dammit George Lucas, you messed up my symetry. But anyway, there are other QS's that are like QS Rose Fairy, so they're on my wish list as well. Then I was like oooh this is pretty, that's pretty . . . the HAED site is dangerous. lol