Tuesday, July 3, 2012


What is this large number? You're probably asking that. Why it's just the number of stitches of 032 #4 Krenik braid in SK Logan. Of course the number for the full size Buzz is almost 25,000, so not as much as all that. Still, that's not a small number by any means. Though it will be quite sparkly when it's done. I had pulled out from my "extra floss" all the colors I had so I didn't have to either go buy floss (hey use what I've got) or broach my stash. Of course, I know that there are some colors that are probably in QS Snowflake or SK Forbidden Doorway. So I'll see what is in those when I run out of the "extra floss". I've got another 10 colors yet to start. I'm currently working on 3, though one is that #4 braid. I'm alternating the braid with floss. I can see where the cat is and the flowers and some of the greenery. I know I've got extra skeins of 310, I might pull that out and do that before going back to Snow. I will use 3 strands of black, I like to give extra coverage on the black, and of course be sure to railroad it. I dislike when the background shows through. I'm thinking he's going to look stunning. Of course, I keep thinking, of I should stitch this or oH I should stitch that. I need more hours in the day. And a job (I have put in like 14 job applications so far this week). And the winning lottery numbers.

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