Tuesday, March 17, 2009


SAL = Stitch ALong

These are neat. I've done several online ones. With the online ones, it's not always stitch the same project, tho it could be. The irl (in-real-life) ones are most often where you do the same project. So I started a SAL with Kattie this weekend. We're stitching the sorcerer (tho we have tended to call him a wizard) and the sorceress that I had stitched back in 1998 & 1999 respectively. We'll work on them on Sundays when we play in Matt's game. She decided to start with the sorcerer and I decided to start with the sorceress. She is doing hers in forest greens for her mom for Christmas. I'm not doing either for anyone, but I am changing the colors. I've decided to use the dmc color variations in blues and lighter blues and white/grays. Plus I am changing the hair to be red. I suppose I'll have to change the ears so they're pointy. lol Tannith is a half-elf after all. I'd added some blending filament on the magic items in both pictures, but Kattie asked about adding some blending filament to the stars on the robe. But I got off to a good start on the sorceress. (Ok I did do a little today, but I wanted to finish off this one section that isn't in the picture.) I started with the sorceress since I still don't know what colors I want to do the sorcerer in.

The original color scheme of the sorcerer:

The original color scheme of the sorceress:

The new sorceress:

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