Sunday, March 22, 2009

Well here's what I've been up to

I sorted out the flosses of the heart-shaped bird wreath I started back in 1994 for Mom. I thought I'd started it back in 1992, but I remember working on it on a trip I was on in the 8th grade. Oh well. Wait, no that would be 1993. I had to replace some of the flosses as age or something got spilled on some of them and I was like eeewww. I had tried to work with them before and I don't like them. Oh well. Now it's all sorted out and I think I might get to finish it by the end of this decade! lol

I worked on the alternate sorceress this week during the Tannithland game. I got rather far on her. Now you can see almost all of the shape of the cape. I look forward to seeing how she turns out. I have been asking people about what color you'd put a wizard/sorcerer in. Most have said blue, but a few have told me purple. Tho I think I may go with burgundy like Dad said. I could always do 2 of him. lol

I also have been working on the feng shui of the summer plums lately. I'd like to get the bar at the top done tomorrow, like with the burnt orange back stitching. The back stitching looks kind of cool, almost a little like candle flames.

Other than that it's been rather quiet. Tho I did look on HAED (Heaven And Earth Designs) and I found 3 more pics I'd like to do for various d&d characters. lol
Corsair & Tannith's daughter, Corsira

I thought this would be Amalanna's daughter Ro, but Kattie told me she already picked out something for Ro. I still like this tho:

Sarenrae - well she needs fiery blonde hair:

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