Saturday, September 5, 2009

Latest updates

Well I took a little time off of the stitching of the flower faries (or rather fairies as it probably should be spelled, oh well). I did however, pick it back up last night and have worked on it all day today, well after I came home from the shopping bit . . . and reading my new pathfinder dragons book. I've gotten a bit further along. Actually quite a bit further along as I am almost done with the next blue fairy. She's got the same color hair as the cat so that will be the last bit on her. As you can see, the progress between the pics is the same but that is because I decided you lost detail if I keep showing the whole picture. Its not like the leftmost ones are going to disappear if you don't see them in the pics. So while I listen/watch Smallville Season 1, I am working on my cross stitch. They go thru a lot of locks and vehicles on this show I've noticed. I'm at least going to get thru this fairy if not the cat by the end of my day today. Well after I get off the computer.

I had done another day of stitching on Tannith. I didn't get nearly so far as I thought I would, but it is still better than nothing. I will be going thru the chart and marking where the clothes and hair/skin are, I think.

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