Saturday, December 17, 2011


This was disappointing. The eBay seller claims she didn't know she didn't have the size 20 platinum lugana, that it was size 25. Huh? Like, um, shouldn't you know what you're selling on eBay? So now I have to find another piece of 20-ct lugana in something that will work well - or at least ok - with the colors for Strength. I have no idea what I'll be using now for Doorway and I so need that for January! I'm not even going to worry now about the 3rd piece, I'm not even sure what I was going to stitch anyway. But those 2 pieces need fabric! I'm not so tied to 20-ct for Doorway, but I definitely neeeeeeeed it for Strength, since that's what Courage is stitched on.

Speaking of Courage, I did make some nice forrays into the unstitched bits. I went around the dragon with the ( color, which was kind of neat to see how big it will be. I'm kind of looking forward to the 817's which are in the middle bits that show the dragon curving over. I can see the end of the middle page in sight!

oooh a 15% off the total on everything coupon at AC Moore (Sunday 4 - 10 pm)! I never usually get to use those because it's always during the game times and we're not gaming until after the new year. Actually, I think it's the day after page 1 of Doorway is sent out.

Edit: I wrote this a couple of days ago, but stupid internet explorer doesn't "publish post" and I kept forgetting to get on Firefox.

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