Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Backordered twine?

Ok I just realized oh crap I forgot to do this week's clue.

Ok and again, if you remember what the oops with the picture clue from last week was, please wait to post until next week when the last clue will be given. 'Cause my bad from last week.

Ok in other news . . . I have a finish & two starts. The finish is of course, my White Willow Stitching chart, Tribal Moon. This is the one I was doing as a SAL with my friend Angella because we both thought it was of the nifty and glow-in-the-dark thread! This is also the second WWS I have finished. I still have Legend and Tribal Butterfly that are UFOs. So I didn't quite make my goal of by October, but I blame two days I didn't get much done, so if I'd stitched more those days, I would have. Well either way, I started it Sept. 23, 2012, and finished it October 1, 2012. And it looks quite cool. I was originally thinking I'd put it in a silver frame, but I kind of think maybe a wall hanging might just be in order. I am tempted by the various Halloweeny sorts of fabric I have - I think I've got a cool moon one or maybe it's got bats, but then again, that would mean it'd only be displayed once a year. And the tribal moon is just too cool for that. So . . . what to do, what to do . . . ah well I've time to decide. I'll post a good picture when the camera is charged, rather than the crappy looking one I took with my cell phone.

Ok so that was the finish - yay a finish - what about the starts? I know, not really progress towards decreasing UFO/WIPs, but on the other hand I reaaaally wanted to start them.

The first is a pattern I found years ago (I forget how many, maybe 2005ish(?)) off of eBay. It's a mermaid with a blue tail and aqua-colored hair, where she's not facing the viewer. It also has various sea life and bubbles. It originally called for a bunch of black as the background, like to be stitched. Um no. So I gridded it with the yellow line I got not realizing it wouldn't work. (I'm waiting for the red line . . . hurry up and deliver it!) I had had the pattern for years and had gotten my original piece of 20-ct black lugana to test out the leaving out the black stitches with SK Oriental Courage. I didn't want to use the whole thing on that one project since it didn't need that big of a piee. So I was like heeeyyyyy . . . I could use it for the mermaid . . . and it's been designated thusly ever since.

Last year, when I still had a (temp) job, I was working on soooo much overtime on the indexing project, I had decided I should reward myself. Sooo what better than splurging and getting all the floss needed for several patterns? Afterall, it ended up being about $100 - $120, tho that is a looot of floss. lol I got enough for two Mystic Stitch patterns, House Work and Night Shade II (since retired), and this eBay mermaid. So it'd been sitting a long while and a month or two ago I finally gathered all her bits together and put them in a ziplock bag. But hadn't started her. I had a yen to grid something with that yellow, so why not the aqua mermaid? It took me 4 hours (180 by 252 stitches), which isn't bad at all, plus considering the fact it was on black fabric. Then of course, I had to start it.

Very dark blue and green is not easy see on black fabric late at night.

Ok so the other new start - which I totall was going to eventually do anyway - is a HAED, QS Rose Fairy. Yes, another HAED, what can I say, I'm addicted to them. I have a very specific reason for this one (which I'm sure I've mentioned before). I am stitching her in memory of my Grandma K, who passed away in April 2011. She loved butterflies and the colors are very fall-like. So I knew I would eventually stitch this. I stitched the one in memory of granny for my sister - my first WWS piece called Rosefly. But I hadn't done mine. I got all the #4 braid done - all 18 stitches of it lol . . . the hard bit was finding them all. But I also got a few sections of a red done. I'm stitching it on 20-ct black lugana, which I love, so I won't have to stitch the black.

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