Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I have been so very bad at keeping up with this blog.

Well my first thought was to look at the last blog entry (Aug 27th) and then just figure out what I've done since then. And I realized, I didn't actually update stuff before then as well. Like back in the "Wow" post, I realized I had posted some items I had finished but did not actually post said pics. Ooops . . . guess I'll fix that now . . . since I want to update this with the other lovelies and nifty new things I've been learning/doing and gotta get this out first.

Ok this is the "magic mouse" as I like to call it. It's White Willow Stitching's Tribal Mouse. Stitched on 14 ct purple potter aida with 1 strand #8 braid or 2 #4 in silver for full crosses. Started 4/14/13, finished 6/17/13.

SK Logan (HAED) - I stitched this for my mom since she loves lady bugs. 18 ct aida with 3 str for 310, 2 for the other colors for full crosses. Started 5/12/12, finished2/27/13.

I stitched this for my cousin, I still need to finish the one for my other cousin. (I never could get it exactly straight up and down. oops)

QS Snowflake (HAED) Stitched on 18 ct oatmeal aida with 2 strands for full crosses. Started Started May 2, 2012, finished January 1, 2013. I'll stitch QS Bubbles to go with her.

The 2012 HAED BB SAL piece: SK Forbidden Doorway. 22 ct Hardanger with 2 strands for full crosses. Re-started January 30, 2012, finished December 28, 2012. My first BB SAL piece.

I can't seem to find the other ones, but I'll be updating this blog again to show the rest of 2013. Soon, no really I swear this time. I've got 2013 part 2 in cross stitch, 2014 so far in cross stitch, and 2 new things I learned. (Which means like at least 2 more posts, maybe 2 for one of them and one for the other.)