Friday, January 30, 2015

The Minions have spoken!

Yes, Daenerys, Brienne, and Myrcella have decided the giveaway winners. I listed everyone and numbered them. Then I wrote all the numbers on torn up paper napkins. Then I hovered each gerbil over the batch and they grabbed a number. I was originally just going to do one each of SK Fragile and SK Malifiqueen but then Myrcella seemed a bit put out. Poor little thing, her sisters are much more extroverted and she gets ignored. So . . . I decided with this 50% off sale, I could do 2 SK Malefiqueens. Yes, I know the name is actually SK Evil Queen . . . but she used to be SK Maleficent and her name was changed. I like calling her Malefiqueen.

So . . . Myrcella picked the first QS Malefiqueen . . . and picked #46. Jan Doran

Brienne picked the SK Fragile . . . and picked 34. Becky Stitchy-Sheehan

Daenerys picked the other SK Malefiqueen . . . and picked #24. Lee-ann Bender



  1. Congratulations to the winners!


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