Saturday, October 15, 2011

Courage update

Well I have finally finished the first page of my HAED Courage SK!

It took me quite a bit longer than I thought it would, but that's because we've had so much to do at work with the indexing project (I look for 8-digit account numbers, all day, every day), I've been doing up to 10 hour days to try to catch up, plus like 6 hours last Saturday and this Saturday. Whew! It's kind of exhausting, but nice to be getting paid for all that time. Which is how I got to buy the floss for the eBay aqua-haired mermaid, House Work, and Nightshade II. That, btw, finally did get here (they had sent the wrong version of Nightshade and then it took another bit of time for the correct one to get here - but I did get a free pattern). I did pick out the fabric I want for NS2 - Picture This Plus's Masquerade. It's green and blues, mottled over it. It will go well with the Voodoo from them I had picked out years ago for HW. There are two other ladies on facebook in some of the groups I'm in which also have Nightshade (one has II and the other has the HAED version, it basically looks the same). So I told them to let me know when they wanted to stitch it as part of a SAL. That's a Stitch-A-Long, where at least 2 people stitch the same pattern at the same time, they're kind of fun. Well, that is if the other person(s) don't crap out on you like the one I tried with a former best friend did. Oh well, I eventually finished that piece. So I think I'll take Courage with me to the game and hope I get some done.

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