Thursday, October 20, 2011

HAED sale and I was bad

I was bad because I spent money . . . tho they were each 31% off, so it's not as bad! I wasn't originally intending to take advantage of the Halloween sale, but I couldn't resist. Plus, all 3 are Quick Stitches, so they're only $9 usually.

I'd had my eye on this one, QS Rose Fairy, for quite a while. I'm not usually one for these fairies with ginormous heads, they look a bit animeish and a bit strange. Buuut I really like the colors, it makes me think of fall. All of a sudden, the other night, I realized it reminded me a bit of my granny, who'd passed away in April 2011. The colors make me think of fall, and more particularly, of November, which is when here birthday was. Also, she used to grow roses, and she adored butterflies. So . . . I want to get to stitch this in memory of her.

I love how this one is only 63 stitches high, 200 wide, but only 63 high. Which is just kind of cool. Plus it just looks neat. But the last sale, I had decided I didn't reealy need it, but this one, since I was already being bad, one more wouldn't hurt much, right? This is QS Queen of Swords Owl.

This little beauty is named QS Forget Me Not. She was an impulse buy sort of, but I'd liked her for a while, she kind of makes me think of my friend Stefy (she looks a bit like her, well I think so). Plus . . . blue . . . my favorite color!

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