Tuesday, April 21, 2009

latest update

I worked on Legend and I got some more done. I figured out that I had put the wrong color - I used 782 which is a gold rather than 553 which is a purple. A little over an hour later, it made much more sense. I then put it aside to work on that bird heart wreath I started back in 1993.

Speaking of which, I was able to finish it today, 4-21-2009, at 2 pm, right before work. Yay me! I am pretty sure I started it back in April or May of 1993, as I know I worked on it during the 8th grade trip. I don't remember where we went, but I do remember stitching on that project in the back of the bus. I am really happy now that the stupid thing is done. lol I only call it that because I was sick of it hanging on. But it is really pretty.

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