Saturday, April 4, 2009

some older pics

Tannith's dice bag:




The Purr-Rawrrs I made for Kattie and Matt:

I made this one for mom - it's a needlepoint picture. I entered it in a needlework competition last November.

Dolphin picture I made that I entered in the same needlework competition. I had stitched the whole thing because I liked the pink fan corals.

The prayer of St Francis picture I made for the church. I finished it back in 2004 and I also entered it in the same competition.

This is another picture I did for the church. I finished it almost a whole year ago and finally got it framed a few weeks ago.

This is the other Noah's ark picture I did for the church. It took quite a while as the elephants were really hard to stitch. I finished it back in December I think. I got it framed at the same time. It looks really good framed.

This is how far I had gotten on my two geishas

This is one of the vases I did.

This is the other vase.

This is the little samurai I stitched.

This is Mai, one of the geishas.

I did this for Mary for Christmas. The kit only cost me $1 and I changed the background from the 14 count plain white aida to the 28 count African daisy I had. Much nicer.

This is the first of the bird afghan I started a while ago. There are like 8 birds and verses.

This is one of the peacock pics I did.

Here's another peacock picture I did.

This is the kingfisher that Aunt Carol commissioned me to do

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  1. I love the designs, especially the 2 of Noah's Ark. Do you happen to remember the name of the designs or the designer or where you got them from? I would love to track down a copy of the charts and make my own.