Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Computer problems

Well I've had some computer problems - it's on crack or something I think. There is something wrong with it where it doesn't read the card reader. I'm like oh this is a load of bs! And many other naughty words were uttered in reference to it's parantage. Be that as it may, my friend Kattie looked at it and it's sort of limping along now. Not great or anything but not omg go would you?!

So here is the missing updates.

I picked the Jewels of the Orient picture (aka the two geishas) back up on 4/29/09. I have gotten quite a lot done and even more than just this. Sometimes I can amaze myself. lol

I also organized my wips so I could see what I have. I think I would like to finish my now oldest wip (also from 1993) - the music sampler. I only have the bottom, one of the little boxes, the side and the top left. I'm like, why did I leave it?

The 6th installment on the sorceress. It was supposed to go on the missing update, but oh well.

And the legend pics - one for the missed update and the other is how far I've gotten since then.

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