Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ok here's an update

Quick update: I've been working on the geisha's and have gotten the head of the standing one done, tho I haven't gotten a pic of it. The others are the school and the countryside church of the plastic canvas musical village I started years ago.

I wanted to start Iris (the one I picked of the pixies to do next, Fern will be her buddy) on 6-1-09 since it was after Relay and also the beginning of the month. But it just didn't feel right, so I didn't. I only have the fan, the umbrella, and the wisteria of the cross stitches and also the backstitching left. I'll have to get some more black, since I decided to do 3 strands for better coverage. Oh well. "Floss is cheap and I know where to get more" - I think that was something I read in one of my ccs magazines. So once I get the geishas done I'll start on Iris. I really want to get to the Tannith one, but I know that's going to be quite a commitment. I got my laptop and I've been getting to know it. (I haven't figured out a name for it yet - the other one was named "Carritas" from Angel.) But one of the features is that I can make movies on it. Granted it wouldn't be anything like a Hollywood movie by any means, but I think it'd be really neat to take a bunch of pics of a HAED and put it to music so you can see the progression of how it grows over the fabric. I had seen one on YouTube of where someone had it for the water lilies feng shui pic. It was really neat.

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