Friday, June 29, 2012

SK Logan

Wow . . . two blog posts in one day, well technically two days since it's after midnight, and therefore a different day? Well the last one was just a "oooh I saw something nifty!" sort of post, while this one is an actual update post. And rather than on Snow, it's Logan.

I got kind of sick of looking at blue and blue-like colors while working so diligently (ok maybe not that diligently, but at least attempting to steadily work on) QS Snowflake. But I don't know what was going on, but when I selected colors, it seemed to take me forever to get through them. I didn't think there was a terribly great amount of confetti, but I suppose there is. Oh well, she will look stunning once I find all the stitches on her. It's like there's at least one - and usually more than that - that have taken ninja lessons and hide from me when I'm going through and marking the pattern and then stitching them. I'm always like, "wait, how did I miss that, where did it come from?" And I just made myself think of Ask A Ninja when I mentioned ninjas. I am ninja, you are ninja, we are ninjaaa too . . . ok enough of that.

So . . . being as I wanted something other than blue and blue-like colors, I decided something vibrant would be a good idea. And the little ziplock baggie containing the threads of Logan were indeed bright and vibrant. So while I wanted to hurry up and stitch Snow and get her done for the rewards program, I decided to keep interest in stitching would be important as well. So I decided, the ladybug wings are a nice large vibrant section, I'll stitch that. And so I did just that. Then I decided well, there is a little patch of that light yellow and the not-as-quite-yellow yellow right next to it. And of course, there is always more Krenik to be stitched. There's lots in the Logan pattern, so if you loathe it, this is not the pattern for you. Though, you could always just skip the Krenik, or substitute something else instead. Then I started looking at the pattern and found all the rest of the not-quite-as-yellow yellow and the light yellow . . . and hey wait I have this light gold color, I could find those and . . . So evidently I'm going to be working on this one a little bit more than I thought.

But that's ok since the rewards program will last from June 30, 2012, to August 31, 2012. I thiiiiink I can get both Snow and Logan done by then. Of course, that still leaves Doorway waiting to have her page 2 worked on. But she's just going to have to wait.

Soooo . . . here's Logan's progress, there will be more updates when I've gotten further along.

Not too bad for about 5 days, especially when I have been distractable and antsy. I looked at my stack of UFOs and USOs and WIPs and organized it and things like that. I decided I should set my mind to finishing at least one of my UFOs from the red World Wildlife Federation bag where I keep most of my oldest UFOs. Now which shall I pick? I'm kind of leaning towards Silent Night, which is done on black aida and has a bunch of animals in a winter sceene with snow on the ground and a big star in the sky. Since that one might be the closest to being done. Plus, I would love to see the finished piece and to be able to share it with my viewers. So . . . what does that mean?

Welllll . . . that means I need to finish QS Snow, SK Logan, and page 2 of Doorway as soon as possible. Because I want to also finish one of the UFOs, maybe even two if I do both Silent Night aaaand say the space tiger. Then I also reaaaally want to stitch QS Rose Fairy. She's the little darling I am going to stitch in memory of Granny, who passed away April 2011. And I really want to also stitch QS Lotus Wood and Rendezvous. And the Middle Earth map. And my stocking. And the skating penguins . . . I need a 48 hour day or something like that.

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