Sunday, September 2, 2012

New clue!

Well . . . it is Sunday, afterall . . . so clue time!

And no it's not a big ball of twine. lol

lol that was just a reference to the fact that originally, a clue meant a ball/skein/etc of twine, as in what Theseus took into the laborynth to defeat the minotaur and find his way out again. lol yes, mythology humor/reference, I am a nerd.

So anyway . . .

Your next clue!

It is not a black-and-white.

Just a reminder, this is for a specific chart I am going to RAK in honor of a friend's birthday midish-October. This is the same friend I completed my first finished HAED for when she went over to England to get her master's degree. Figure out the clues, and get an extra chance to win this little gem I happened across when looking for charts to show her so she could pick which one I should RAK/giveaway. :)

Good luck on the guessing! Another clue will be forthcoming!


  1. From your clues so far, Sarah, I'd have to say it's Ariadne. I could be WAYYYY off though.

  2. That is a good choice - and I do like her - but nope, not Ariadne. Stay tuned for more clues!