Sunday, September 16, 2012

Twine Time!

It's 4 in the morning, but it's 4 in the morning on Sunday! That means . . . Twine Time!

So far . . . my clues have been vague, and purposely so. For if I make it too easy, it won't last until mid-October. And the event for October is RAK-tober, where we RAK someone. September was HAED Appreciation month, which had some nice numbers put up - nearly 700 I think. (more on that later)

Oooookay . . . I hope you've been paying attention to the previous clues. This one is going to narrow down the field of choices considerably! I mean the last one did also, but there were still plenty to try to pick from, what with nearly 8,000 charts it could possibly be. I know it's 7900+ but that's close enough to 8,000 . . . and I diiid say "nearly". lol

so . . .

ready for it?

can I draw this out any more? no? "Get on with it!" you say? Ok . . .

This chart is a QS that does not have a corresponding BAP.

I know, I know, big build up for a short - but significant - sentence.

Have at it, time to guess more guesses! lol

I know, I'm still looking for my camera . . . not just for French knots part 2 (I'm thinking of seeing if I can get together with my friend Jen, who is a pretty awesome photographer, plus, it's hard to take pics of oneself actually stitching French knots.

But I also need to find the camera, I have what 4 or 5 pieces to photograph? Ah well. I suppose the Borrowers or Underpants Gnomes will return it one day. Or I'll win the lottery or something and get a fancy new one.

Oh yes . . . I clicked "publish" and then remembered oops I meant to finish my thought after "more later". Ah well. Ok so my thought was about the HAED Appreciation Day. We had a good turn out, but at the same time, if all the sales are in one week, that's not so good. The copyright infringement was definitely not helping matters, but when sales are also down, that definitely cannot help. I think I would have counted it as more of a success if it'd been double what the numbers had been. It used to be close to 150 a day and that's what we (yes I participated as well yay babysitting money)were doing this week. It had gotten to about 20 a day. So yes, more than double the 20, but again, not what it had been. And I know it's not just copyright infringement, though that is definitely hurting. It's also the hideous economy . . . blech.

Again another reason for me to win the lottery.


  1. Well.... my previous guess has been blown to smithereens. So, I will have a stab and guess that the artist's initials are BA. Bring on more clues!!

    1. Good guess, but nope! :) You'll just have to tune in next week to find out more!