Saturday, September 22, 2012

Same Twine Time, Same Twine Channel

Why yes, yes it is Sunday again! It seems like it routinely happens, like once a week or something.

So . . . how shall I try to confound you this week? Afterall, I do need another four clues before the big reveal, which of course will be before the drawing of the chart in honor of my friend's birthday.

So . . . what's this week?

It is . . . a picture clue! Yes, a snippit of a portion of the picture is this week's clue!!!

Of course I will not make it an easy clue, can't have it guessed too soon! lol

Note: I know that some people know what it is now since I didn't think about the name when I had originally put up the clue . . . so if you got the answer yay for you being clever enough to figure out how to do that . . . but wait until the final clue and then post your answer? (That's why I deleted the two comments)

Good luck on your guesses!

Oh and by the way . . . I know that it was actually yesterday (I just didn't get on to do a blog) but Happy (belated) Hobbit Day!


  1. I'm glad you changed the image name. Even though I now know what it is I won't ruin the surprise for everyone else. I'll repeat what I said about it in the now deleted post, I've never seen it before, and it's a wonderful chart for a giveaway. After the draw is done I will be putting it on my WL.

    1. Yeah I had a super brain fart moment and couldn't believe I had named my clue what I named it *facepalm* I suppose . . . live and learn?
      Thanks for not saying since you know due to my snafoo!

      I looove finding older/less talked about charts and this was a perfect excuse. :)

      Tho I did have someone guess right - lol she didn't actually see the snaffoo, just deduced it. :)

  2. Oh my that a foot? My eyesight is horrible or something! :) Love this little contest you're having, Sarah....cute idea!

    1. If you think it's a foot, your eyesight is not as horrible as you think it might be . . . that IS a foot!