Monday, July 15, 2013

Ok so my clues are a bit late

Oh dear! I forgot to do a clue on Friday! Bother!

Ok . . . so here are your clues:

1) They are not by the same artist.

2) They go together in the theme (technology) but not in composition).

3) One is colorful and the other is not.

4) The one that is not colorful is not a black & white, but similar.

5) Neither chart is a BAP.

6) Neither chart is the same kind. There are minis, QSs, and SKs they could possibly be.

7) And both charts are from 2012 or later.

Ok I had meant to post this Friday, but then got distracted by socks and knitting and the Dune miniseries. Or something like that. So I told myself to post this sometime over the weekend, which obviously didn't get done.

I'll post the artist names tomorrow and then on the 17th, I'll open up the signups for the drawings. And yes, there will be two drawings.


  1. Oh could it be SK Joy of Computer Work by Randal Spangler (2012) and the other is Mini Steampunk iThing by Chris Down (2013)?