Friday, July 5, 2013


I so did NOT realize how long it'd been since the last time I blogged on here. I suppose my life has been a bit busy, but I probably also should chalk it up to laziness. I might have good intentions to do blogs, but actually following through . . . not so of the much. This is really just supposed to be a short post (no pics). And it's mainly to announce another giveaway guessing game.

This time, I am giving away two charts in memory of my uncle who passed away on May 4th. He had a long 4 1/2 year battle with ALS and I wanted to do something in memory/honor of him. So I found a pair of HAED charts that seemed to fit. Well there were more, but I don't have that much money to spend on RAKs. Yay for sales! I wish the cause charts had an ALS, since that would have been an obvious choice, but barring that, I had to fiddle about and figure it out.

The first clue is that they are NOT the same chart! Well ok I'll give a couple of others since I'm starting late on my guessing game. Um . . . let's see, they are not a big/little version of the same one. As in (and this is NOT either one) it wouldn't be the BAP of Anderson's Garnet and also the QS version of the same design. And for my final clue . . . they are not by the same artist.

Ok . . . I almost posted another clue, but I think it will be too much of a pointer. I'll hold that for next week's clue. Speaking of which - I bet you're wondering when it will be given away. That's an easy answer. I'll be doing the giveaway sometime on Friday, July 19th, as that was my Uncle Bill's birthday. I'll probably do a mid-week clue between now and the 12th. Stay tuned for your next clue!

Obviously, I've been doing things other than configuring a new guessing game. I've finished some things. Not nearly as many as I wanted to, but still, finishes. I did get a temporary, full-time job - it's in the same department I worked at Sept - Nov. 2011 - the manager specifically asked to see if I was avaialbe. And of course I was. So I've been working there since Dec. 10, 2012. I do data entry and I'm both very fast and accurate at it. Which is a good thing, since I like it.

Let's see, what have I finished? I finished a TARDIS ornament on sparkly purple fabric for a friend, a Ghostbusters ornament on the same fabric for a friend, QS Snowflake, SK Logan, SK Forbidden Doorway, the Ecclesiastes piece, the house picture for my cousin (the other one is about half finished), the cabbage baby birth announcement for my newest cousin born Jan 1st this year, a crocheted teddy bear in pooh bear colors for him, aaaand the magic mouse aka tribal mouse by White Willow Stitching. Ok so more than I thought, but not as many as I wanted.

Pics to follow soon!

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