Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another finish

Ok, let's try this again. My stupid computer went to my dashboard, what the crap?!

Ok again:
I can now add another finish to my total for 2011. I finished the Enchanted Geisha. I started her 6/14/11 and finished her 7/24/11 a little after midnight (12:30 or so). That's just 2 days short of 6 weeks. It wouldn't have been as long, maybe a month, had I not been working hard on Fragile. Oh well at least she's done. I will put a pic up after I put her in a frame. There's one at Wal-Mart which I have an eye on (like $8 maybe at most, maybe I can find a similar one at AC Moore with my 40% off coupon). It's black and has a silver part on the inside of the frame. I think that will go nicely.

Ok and the second bit.
I decided to pick up the stocking I had started years ago. I started it back in 2003. I know this because I remember working on it downstairs and I also remember reading the first 2 Harry Potter novels downstairs at the same time. (I didn't start reading them until book 5 came out and that was mid-2003.) It is this lovely stocking of a nativity scene and looks like it's done in stained glass. This one I am doing for myself.

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