Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear Enchanted Geisha . . .

your background is totally kicking my butt at being interested in continuing to stitch you. Please be more interesting? I know there is a whole 'nother section of half-cross stitches and I know that's what I lost steam and switched over to stitching and completing the sad pink dragon (aka Fragile) . . . but I really would like to count you amongst my completeds? Please? No, you won't go any faster and it's like pulling nails? Ok . . . then don't be surprised when I pick up the Astrologer . . . she's always patient. And let's not forget the Space Tiger - he's been started once, restarted, sun-dyed when I left him in my car for a couple of years and the sun faded it, and has patiently waited for me to return to him to finish the background.

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