Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stocking is coming along!

Ok, so I've been working pretty steadily on the stocking for the past 4 days. Well a bit less last night, since I did a lot of sleeping yesterday, but still steadily. And yeah, this hacking/coughing is not helping. I had bronchitis (saw the dr Tuesday before last) . . . I was doing ok with the antibiotics and the cough syrup, taking the last of that Monday morning. So then Tuesday morning I am trying to go to sleep . . . ok gooood . . . hack/hack/cough/hack/gag!!! I took some of the blue vaporub cough syrp, and crawl into bed. Eventually, that spell subsided . . . I driiift off . . . and bam! nearly 3 hours later it's back! Gah! So mom tells me I need to go back to the dr. So I do, and the nurse practitioner tells me it's not more infection/pneumonia, so that's good. However, it's a bunch of irritation in the lungs/bronchial tubes from all the coughing. Soooo . . . my coughing is making me cough, greeeat. So she hooks me up with advair and some cough pills (I had a bunch of giggles when I was thinking to myself "if I come down with cultrasine poisioning, I am so kicking your butt" (from that House episode)). I did do some stitching, but decided to take a nap about 3 or 3:30 . . . and I woke up at 9 . . . some nap!

Buuuuut I did get a lot done either way! And here's a picture of how far I've gotten:

From what I can guesstimate, I think I'm close to 1/3 of the way done with the cross stitching, which is great! I do want to get at least the back up to the veil where Mary is looking back (so outlining the ram), the ram, and Mary's veil. I think that would be a bit over halfway done.

I'm still looking for monkeys . . . wait, what I can picture you saying, you're looking for monkeys?! lol I mean I need to find cross stitch patterns of monkeys! I need to find monkeys for that baby bib I'm going to stitch for a fb friend who's friend is having a baby (and the momma likes monkeys, hence the I need to find monkeys). I have a loooot of cross stitch magazines, so I'm looking in there to be sure I don't have to do more work than I need to. lol

In other news, I made turkey meatloaf today and it was rather tasty. I realized when I was making that glaze bit which goes on top that I had ketchup, check, brown sugar, check, mustard . . .wait, oh crap we have no mustard. Dammit. So . . . ranch dressing and garlic powder to the rescue! And when mom gave the dogs some for their dinner, it was quiiiiet! lol They did not just gobble down their food like they normally do, they were interested in it.

I wish I knew where that Mystic Stitch pattern I have is, it's the one called House Work. It's of this witch in a very short pair of shorts and she's got a broom. I have the fabric for it (a gorgeous piece called "voodoo" which is orange and maroon) . . . and I KNOW I've got the pattern, but where it is, idk . . .

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