Saturday, July 30, 2011


Ok so I finally got all the black on the toe of the stocking done. o . . .mg . . . that much black background is super boring. Like "is it ever going to end?!" boring. But I eventualy did get thru what I wanted to and can move on to stitching the ram and then Mary's veil. I think I'll also do the halos on her and Joseph, that would be a nice place to take a break for a bit while I do my monkey bib. I'm thinking it'll take me at least a day or two to get that far. This really is coming along pretty quickly. :)

And I did start the pattern I have for Dad's Christmas present. This one may take a while, I'm glad I started it now. Cause it's 75 x 200 . . . so 15,000 stitches. And I'm only 102 into it . . . . ah well I'll get it done.

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