Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ok ok I know I just did a post

Ok, I know I just did a post, but then I took a pic of how much I'd gotten done on this go-round of the stocking. And yes, it's for me (can't remember if I said that or not, but it is). So this is like 6 or so hours of stitching - 4 or so last night and about 2 today. I'll be doing Mary's shoes, then the rest of the blue on her robes, then the black on the bits between her and Joseph. Then I'll see about maybe doing the back around up to her head. Then maybe the ram. I don't know how long this will take, but I'd love to have this for this year, wonder how much I can get done. I'm guessing a month and a half or even 2 months. We'll see!

I will have to set it aside for a little while because I need to do a baby bib a friend asked me to figure out - I'll be seeing if I can find another bib, I've got a denim one, but that just has a strip of aida in it. Oh well that's what waste canvas is for, yes? Plus I need to find some good monkeys to be able to stitch on it. But I don't think this will take a long time, so it shouldn't cut too much into the stocking.

I still do want to stitch the Emperor and Empress . . . I glance over to my bookshelf every so often and see the zip lock baggie that has all the floss for them in and think, "oh they should become stitched pieces". One day, one day. If I could stitch as fast as I type, I would have no UFO/USO/wips! lol

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