Monday, September 26, 2011

2 days of stitching

Ok first, I must say, getting a picture of this project is not easy at all! It wants to be all blurry or whatnot. Booo. But eventually, I got a picture clear enough to not be random blobs of various shades of red.

This is actually 2 days of stitching as I didn't take a pic of it last night. I was going to keep track of how many hours I stitched . . . eh that didn't happen. This might have been 10 or so between yesterday and today? Not really sure tho. Weekend stitching is great for getting a lot done. I do very much like being able to take the + color and saying, "hmmmm where's the next bit of that? Oh I see 2 blocks up and one over to the left." It's still a lot of #817 . . . but I'm doing some of that, then some of the confetti colors. I guess all the other colors are confetti since at least 2/3 of this is 817. lol

Don't think I've forgotten about Snappie, since I haven't. I just got wrapped up in Courage, plus being a bit disappointed with the measuring. I do want to pick her back up tho and try to get close to being done by Sunday's game. Probably won't happen tho.


  1. Looks like taking a picture isn't easy at all. All the different shades of red look so similar. But your progress looks great =)

  2. I think it's the red/black combination. Thanks!