Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Latest on Snappie

Ok so I did get some more done on Snappie. I had actually done some on Saturday and yesterday, but didn't really feel like taking a pic/updating the blog/etc. I figure I've done another 9 hours into her. I have found that the fabric is not really the size I needed for this . . . sigh . . . it will only have about an inch of space on the bottom edge and I'm trying to find out how much there will be for the top, especially that the top has a selvedge edge (or whatever it's called). But I'm really too far into this project - over 1/3 of the way done I'm guesstimating - that it's too far for me to scrap her and restart on a different piece of fabric. Oh well.

18 hours into this project now.


  1. Very pretty =)
    Fingers crossed that you will not run out of fabric =/

  2. Thanks! I've sort of put her aside for a while since I got wrapped up in Courage, but I do think I'll try to get more of her done this weekend. I'd love to have her done by Sunday's game.