Friday, September 2, 2011

Ok . . . monkey bib!

Ok now I can put up a pic of the monkey bib! It's all done! Woooo yay me! Done and on it's way to Brigette. I have to say this is the most akward piece of stitching I've ever done, and that includes a pocket of a hot pink t-shirt I stitched a pair of bunny rabbits on many years ago learning how to use waste canvas. I remember stitching that . . . I was visiting my granny and watching the series after "Are You Being Served" it was their PBS fund-raising bits. Ah yes, memories . . .
Ok so back to the monkey bib. Yeah, I had to hold my hand in a weird sort of way to be able to reach the back of the stitching area. Plus I'm not sure about this whole pocket thing, but hey I'm not washing it, so I don't care if it gets food in there. So I thought it would take foreeeeee-ver to stitch the second monkey. I just kept getting soooo bored with the first one, like "are we there yet" with little kids/road trips. But Brigette, who was never like get it done NAOW, did gently ask how it was coming, since said baby was due soon. So I buckled down and told myself "no Tannith until the monkey bib is done!" And 8 hours later, the second monkey was totally done and the 3 little hearts I added as well. And it was funny, I was like I think this will take me about 8 hours. And it did.

So I can't remember if I posted this or not, but this is the butterfly UFO I finished a few weeks ago. So I decided I'd send this with the monkey bib, since Brigette loves butterflies! :) One more finish for 2011 and a home for it, yay.

So because I was working very hard on the second monkey, as well as on the internet a while, I just haven't worked as much on Tannith as I thought. Plus . . . on that gold medalion bit on her skirt, I have hit confetti! I mean it's not uber-bad, like evidently almost every page of Mystic Stitch's Once Bitten (according to the lady stitching her, who btw, I think my "I want to stitch as fast as Angella" whinging has helped me get faster, has reported it is). But still there is confetti. But once I get that and maybe some of the green on the right side done, I'll take another pic. I do want to find the black on that part, I'm almost nervous, not really, maybe more a bit iffy, to just count over from the left bit, near the top of her butt. Like I'm afraid I'll count a bit skewed. Plus . . . a lot of black isn't that much to stitch in a block, even if it's best to do that first if possible.

I'm not sure how fast she'll be stitching up now since I'm supposed to start a new temp assignment on Tuesday [crosses fingers] so I won't have as much free time. But that's ok, I need a job. (I missed the temp agent lady's call and she was gone by the time I checked my vm so I hope I still have a job.)

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