Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Ok . . . so tonight's blog entry is a much happier one! Michele got back to me this morning and Healers Touch was waiting for me! Yay! There are a looooot of black threads, like it says it needs 35 skeins of black. Um . . . couldn't I just use black fabric? Oh wait, I do dislike black evenweave and I don't think Hardanger comes in black . . . hmmmm will take a bit of thinking . . .

But I finally decided this was a good stopping place to take a pic of Tannith. So here she is:

I do need to work on the other monkey, I've been so very bad . . . just procrastinating because it's hard to stitch. But I really do need to do that tomorrow, no matter what. And I really should get up in the am, not 11 am either.

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