Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Heart of the World

This gorgeous piece is called Heart of the World. It is a Heaven and Earth Designs pattern (charted by Michele Sayetta), artist is Ruth Sanderson. (Evidently I like her since there are 2 others I would loooove to get.) It's a retired piece, but I do have the pattern.

Stats are:
450W by 276H
That makes it
20.45" wide by 12.55" high when done on 22 count fabric

I will be stitching it on a piece of 22-count ivory Hardanger I got off of eBay (yes it is a much bigger piece of fabric).

I've had the pattern for a long time and got the floss earlier this year (I think, or maybe late last year), when I was still employed at my last job. With this large a piece, I'm guessing I'll have to get more of some colors . . . who knows tho. I just put off and put off buying a piece of fabric. Then I decided to see if there was anything that would fit, size-wise for the pattern and still be cheaper than buying the $13 piece of Hardanger from Herrschners. That's not including s/h . . . and cheaper is better, plus still slightly miffed at Herrschners over that 25-count black lugana nonsense. Oh well. So . . . off to eBay . . . and I found one (the one I bought, of course). And so I put it on my watch list and then said, hey what the heck, I'll bid. Then I realized it had 3 1/2 hours to go, even better! Wait, wait, wait, . . . I won! So, while ok yeah, I do feel guilty spending money when I've not got a job, I don't feel as bad. I mean it would have been probably close to $20 had I gone thru Herrschners. Grand total? $7.22. Sweeeet.

Now I just have to wait for the fabric to arrive. Then decide when to stitch. I hope it stitches up fast.

I do feel a little bit guilty at all the other projects, both UFO's and USO's which I'm not currently working on. The main one at this very moment is the QS Lotus Woods one - that's the one I decided my character, Tannith, looks like. Well a blonde Tannith that is - I know, she used presdidigitation on her hair (she did do that in game once). The main reason I feel most guilty over her is we hadn't played that game since early December 2009 for irl reasons, and now we'll finally get to play that game again! *girly squeal!* So I kind of feel like I should be working on her.
But then again, there's always the space tiger which just needs it's background and possibly some backstitching . . . and the stocking I picked back up . . . and the emperor and empress . . . and that berries sampler . . . oh and don't forget the samurai to go with the 2 geishas . . .

I do know that before I go picking anything else up, I will definitely be finishing mom's Christmas present. It's a very small kit - only $1 total. I've gotten about a bit over halfway done with it. I decided to add blending filament to parts, ok ok most of it. There's a blue section and a pink section, so that's the color I picked for the corresponding section. Then I decided to use 032 (pearl/opalescent) for that last bit. I very nearly didn't have enough! So I did get more today. But that shouldn't take long and will be nice to be one less to still do.

Other news:
Ok so I just remembered this. I was looking about on the Gloria and Pat website and found a page where they had pictures of some Angel Quilt Projects finished quilts of Precious Moments stitching. And then I went to AQP website. And basically, it sounds like anyone can participate, you just need a minimum of 12" x 12" piece of fabric in any color/count/type other than black or bright orange (which I hate orange so I wouldn't use that anyway) and a child-friendly pattern. Then you stitch it and then send it to a finisher and they turn it into a quilt for a newborn/premie/etc. I've done small quilts in the past (and have that idea I want to do for the astrologer/zodiac one, but that would be for meeeeee!), I was thinking, I wonder how hard it would be to become a finisher, they haven't got anyone listed from Virginia, which is where I am. So I'm waiting for the person to answer me back. I think that would be a wonderful thing to do. Yeah, I wouldn't get paid, but I wasn't thinking I would. Plus, it'd give a great sense of accomplishment to help people like that. I think the G&P website said the AQP would be up to 50,000 quilts sometime in December, how great is that? I hope I hear back from them soon!

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