Monday, August 29, 2011


*sniff sniff* I just tried to download the large chart version of Healers Touch and the HAED website told me that it had already expired (well ahead of the 14 day mark) - I just purchased it like 10 minutes ago. And when I emailed Michele, it didn't go thru (I did contact them on the HAED site and Michele on fb). :( I really wanted to get my chart, even tho I know I really probably shouldn't have bought it, it's been like forever since I'd gotten anything fun/new (well ok other than the 2 reward charts) and I've just been very down lately, I was looking forward to getting that one. Plus, it just makes me think of my Tannith's beloved husband, Corsaire, so it'd go in my collection of character charts. Hopefully, she'll get back to me tomorrow.
I reaaaally want this one.


  1. That is beautiful. I hope you can get it tomorrow.

  2. Yeah, it was waiting for me in my email when I checked this morning.