Sunday, August 14, 2011

well I am teh ossom

as the lolcats would say. ("I am the awesome" is the translated version.)
Why? Because I think I've gotten more done in the last 5 days than I had since I started the pattern September of 2009. Plus . . . this evening, I had a migraine. Yup. I took some meds for it (otc stuff) - one and then waited half an hour or so and took another. The only bad thing was the aura where I couldn't see very well but somehow in a way, it was almost easier to stitch? I mean not really, but in a way, it almost helped me to concentrate on my stitching. Tho this time, I got kind of dizzy and nauseous, which doesn't usually happen. :(
Buuut I did still get a nice bit done

I worked until 8 am on 8/13/11 - I had a tiny bit further than this, but just didn't feel like taking another picture.

This is how far I got tonight:
This is a bit further back, so you can see relatively how far along I am - about halfway or so on the width. There's more length-wise not shown, but it's nice to see I am almost halfway to finding the right side of my picture!

And this is a better picture, more close up of my progress. I found y's and #'s (both greens) which I want to stitch, buuut I did start on a section of h's (#553 - violet) . . . oh so much to do! Everytime I think I'm done, more to go! Plus, I think I'll blame it on the migrane, but a section of the green/gray bit I've had to restitch like twice, grrr. Oh well, I'll just stitch over the mistake. It's not nearly as bad as the mardi gras mask, where I had to re-stitch 3 feathers (left purple, right green I think, and left blue)!

I think my motivation to stitch this is because this is my Tannith picture and we go back to the Hollow tomorrow . . . less than 12 hours from now! (I've been very much looking forward to this!) So I'd like to see her stitched. I wonder if I could get her done by the January deadline for the HAED reward program - I know I won't get her done by August 30, 2011. lol I mean, hey free HAED chart? sweeeet. I think I'll take a new pic of Fragile storykeep with my name on a piece of paper next to it - they don't say I need to have that in the wip pic, which is good since I didn't do that whenI was stitching it. Then I could maybe get either Logan SK (storykeep of a cat who looks like a ladybug and some big, fluffy purple flowers) or SK Dragon Moon (scantily clad chick with a red firelizard (or maybe a tiny dragon) sitting on her shoulder in front of the moon).
Logan SK:
SK Dragon Moon:
Darn you HAED for having a 30% off sale and me not being employed and wanting certain charts!
This one I really want - The Hatchling:
it looks like something from an Anne McCaffrey novel and I so would love to stitch that and also that one I got from ShinySun of the chick in the lavendar dress with the green dragon. I think that one looks Mirrim and Path. Speaking of ShinySun, I would loooove to finally stitch the 3 Baby Dragons one I had also gotten. Ok, yeah I know, there's only 24 hours in a day right?

This is the details:
Reward Program
For anyone that completes a HAED design we will offer a free chart of equal or lesser value to the finished piece.

Simply send us a good quality picture (see guidelines below) of the finished piece with all the details such as fabric, design name, artist, how long it took you to stitch, any special comments (this is required to get your free chart and essential to giving you proper credit) and we will email you the chart of your choice of equal or lesser value. The following are the guidelines and each of the items must be included with the finish.

The program will be running twice a year with the next session starting June 30 to August 30 2011 and the next will run from December 30 through January 30 2012 and the same schedule for following years.

In order to receive your free chart you must provide the following with your submission:

* Picture of the front of the piece
* Picture of at least one wip
* The picture must be taken straight on and of good quality
* Picture with your signature on a piece of paper placed on or near the piece

Please keep in mind that we do reserve the right to use the image in a catalog with proper credits to the stitcher of course. All of the above criteria must be met in order to receive your free chart.

Have fun everyone!

Ok, so, I'm fairly sure there won't be enough light to work on Tannith at tomorrow's game - I have 2 40-watt (or the equivalent I think) bulbs in my overhead light and also a small desk lamp I use. So, I'll have to pick out something else - maybe the monkey bib? I found I can work on that if I stitch it upside down. Weird, yes, but it works. Strange thing? I can't stitch from the pattern upside down . . .

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