Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Actually making some progress

Ok so I hadn't worked on the QS HAED Lotus Wood since last September. 9/18/10, actually. So I kinda felt a bit bad for not having done anything on it, really pretty much since I started it in October 2009. Tho that waaas because I had started the HAED alien cat storykeep and I had a deadline to get it done (when Gilee graduated). So this one sort of fell by the wayside. And she's the one I picked out to be my favorite Pathfinder character, Tannith. Due to irl interference, that game hadn't been played since December 2009. Buuuut . . . we are returning to the Hollow this upcoming Sunday! Wooooo! So . . . I probably should work on her, I think. Tho she'll probably get a bit derailed when the fabric gets here for Heart of the World. So this is after about 4 hours worth of work from the last update.

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