Sunday, August 7, 2011

I've gotten some more done on the Tiffany Nativity stocking. I've got about halfway done with the white on the veil, which is the last bit of that before I can go to the halos. The blending filament is being a bit tricky and I'm pretty sure I don't have enough of it. So I was kind of worried that the light gold/filament I was working on the veil on wouldn't be enough. It was barely enough - finished my last 3/4 stitch and had just enough to do my knot/weave in the end.

Last night, I went looking through the red World Wildlife Fund bag I had been keeping the UFOs (un-finished objects) I had started years ago. And then was like, "oh I need to stitch this" and "oh this really should be worked on" and the like. There was one - a tiny little kit I'd gotten years ago as a "traveling kit" which I did start and of course, got bored with. But me being me, I didn't just pitch it in the trash. No I save crap because someday I may want to work on it again. And you know what, more often than not, I will go back and I will work on it and yes, even finish it! Soooo . . . I picked this tiny travel kit back up today when I went to the hair dresser and while my hair was dyeing, I worked on it. It is a little blue butterfly and a spray of pink flowers with green leaves. And I must stitch a lot faster these days becaue I remember that the butterfly (and I only had a little of the backstitching done on the body) seemed to take soooo much longer than the rest of the picture. I think it took me about 2 hours and I was done! And I ironed it and then put it into the little blue heart frame provided in the kit. And now I need to chart out the monkeys so I can stitch that bib and both it and the butterfly can go on their way. See . . . I'm fighting the tendency to hoard all my stash as "my precious" one item at a time. But don't touch my blending filament/#4 braid, or I will sic my gerbil minions upon you for stealing.

Dang it! I still keep forgetting to take the camera downstairs and get a good pic of the Dragon of the Summer Sky . . .

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