Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ok . . . not quite what I thought

I had thought I'd be further along by now with the Tiffany Nativity stocking. I thought I'd be done with the veil and both halos on Mary and Joseph. However, I did not count on the fact I mixed up light and pale gold. Oops. Yeah, I was using pale gold instead of light gold. I took part of it out, but then just really didn't feel like frogging all of it out. Frogging is picking out/removing stitches. I also got distracted by the little kit I got for Mom's Christmas present. (I'll post a pic of that after she receives it.) I'm also a bit distracted by the idea of Heart of the World and even the Tannith one.

I think I hadn't posted the last one for that pattern:

It was actually taken in September 2010 (which I hadn't been updating this blog, so understandible it was missed). Look there's her sleeve! I think I might like to pick her back up and do some so at least it's not just hanging about.

I also decided to look through my red bag I've been keeping the wips in. I had thought one of them, a snowman advent calendar, I had thrown away. It's nice to know I hadn't - since it's really a cute picture and I actually had gotten further than I thought I had. I think I'm a third of the way through? Anyway, I think that is one I should finish. I think I'll probably make it into a wall hanging, rather than a framed picture. It's neat because you put one half of a snap on the back, so the pointy bit sticks out through the fabric to the front. The other half is glued to a snowflake-shaped sequin. Then for each day, you put one sequin on the calendar. I think I could construct a pouch on the backside of this proposed wall hanging so all the snowflake date minders would have a place.

I also found a little piece I started as a "traveling kit" - it's a butterfly and some flowers. It is about halfway done. I sometimes keep things and not know why I do. I think this will go to a friend, the same one who wants the monkey bib, since she adores butterflies. Plus - it'll be quick and easy to finish. :)

Now I need to find a pencil and then start charting out the monkeys, now that I have found my graph paper book.
I suppose I'll just have to miss the 20% off the total amount at AC Moore this time (I have a coupon good for 8/5/11 & 8/6/11). If I could have found my House Work chart, I might have, but since I still don't know where that darn thing is (I'm really, really, really hoping it wasn't in the pod), I'll wait until I find it.

Ok that's all I've got for now.

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