Friday, August 26, 2011


Well I got a lot done on Tannith - I found her butt as well as the lower right corner of the picture! And #336 is kind of hard to see on 25 count over 1.

So I did decide to try submitting both the Alien Cat SK and the Fragile SK. I made sure to let Michell at HAED know that I had forgotten to take a pic with my name and got my friend to send me a pic with my name.

Her response:
No worries and your work is lovely, thank you so much for sharing and I have attached your charts here, enjoy :-)


I had well ok, more than just two on my wishlist, but these are what I picked out for my rewards:
Dragon Moon:

Artist: Nene Thomas
100 by 309 stitches = 4" by 12.36" on 25 over 1 or 5.56" by 17.17" on 18 count.
There are 90 colors, including 3,488 which are 032 #4 braid on the moon. I like the #4 braid, so I'm good with that.
This will be 30,900 stitches . . . kind of big for a SK, but the design is soooo pretty with the colors.

Logan SK (there is a full picture as well):

Artist: Carrie Hawks (same artist as the alien cat)
75 by 262 stitches = 3" by 10.48" on 25 count over 1 or 4.17" by 14.56" on 18 count.
Only about 50 colors, some of which are 023 #4 braid, but unlike the other one, I don't know how many stitches of which specific color there are. I got this one to do for my mom, she loves ladybugs.


  1. Great choices for your rewards! I've stitched Logan and he's great fun but there is loads of metallic in him. He's very worth it though!

  2. Thanks! I saw yours and it turned out beautifully. I'm not worried about the 032 #4 braid, I'm a bit weird 'cause I like it. lol I kind of wish they'd sometimes use a different color for a change. :)