Thursday, September 8, 2011


I am so disappointed in the piece of fabric I received today. The only good things I can say about it are that it a) only cost $4.49 and b) it shipped relatively quickly. That's about it. I mean ok don't get me wrong, the fabric is not bad fabric but it is NOT what I paid for. The eBay listing clearly stated 22-count ivory Hardanger fabric. I did not get 22-count ivory Hardanger fabric, I got 25-count ivory lugana fabric (or possibly jobelan or monaco fabric, but I don't think those come in 25-count. Oh . . . and it gets better. The seller mentions they have cats. Well it smells like they peed on the fabric. I really didn't want to use 25 over 1 for Rendezvous. :( I suppose I'll have to just suck it up and buy the yard of it that's listed. I did send the seller an email/message telling them that they totally sucked. I mean I was nice and all, but that is definitely misrepresented. Plus . . . stinky cat pee smell. I said something like I'll have to wash it before it can be used for anything. But it's just disappointing. :(

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