Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Update 2 for Little Snap Dragon

Ok . . . so I picked up the skein of #798 today on my way home. Good, right? Yes? Ok . . . took a shower and started work on the piece. I was going along fairly well until . . . 939? Where's 939? I see 989, look again. I realized I think I misread 989 as both 989 and 939 . . . ugh! So I go to my box expecting to see it. No 939. And not in the bag-o-leftovers either. Sigh, one more to pick up. But I did go ahead and do all I could on the head/neck without it and aside from the gaps for 939, that bit is done. And I had stitched for 3 hours tonight. So that's 6 hours into the stitching. (I'm not counting the time I put in to de-scenting the fabric!) But even with the missing color, I'm rather pleased with this. Plus, this batch had more confetti to it, and that always takes more time. I'm looking forward to both a) getting the 939 to fill in the gaps and b) to doing the arms/hands and then the rest of the body. And of course, to get the whole picture done. I wonder how long it will take.

Started 9/13/11, 6 hours of stitching.

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