Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ok so I was a bit bad

Ok so I was a bit bad. I spent money. Buuut on the other hand, I did get a temp job, so I could justify spending some money.

I found a nice piece of 22-count I think ivory colored fabric which will be big enough to stitch Rendezvous on.
In case you forgot, this is what Rendezvous looks like:

It reminds me of Tannith & Corsaire. It also only has like 50 colors (lol "only" . . . I suppose references go a bit skewed when stitching HAED's). But I counted up, and I have probably half of the colors from this in the Tannith one. I'm waiting to put up a pic after I get a significant portion done on that one. It's going to take me a bit longer now that I'm working again. Plus I've not even worked on Heart of the World for a while. But hey, $4.49 is an excellent price for the piece of fabric I got for Rendezvous.

I also spent money to get a piece of 20-count black lugana. I've used 25 count, both stitched over 1 and stitched over 2. But I was thinking 20-count black lugana might just be what I'm hoping for for Healers Touch. I don't really want to stitch almost 40,000 black stitches, so black fabric sounds like a plan . . . buuut I don't like the look of aida and black 25 count will be a pain to stitch, so 20 count black lugana might be the best of all possbilities. :)

(I also won a nightmare mini on eBay - I cannot find the one I had bought before and while I think it was at home, it could possibly be in the pod. If I find it, I can always list this one.)

I also couldn't find my Mystic Stitch chart for Housework. I had gotten it a couple of years ago, but wasn't in any rush to stitch it. I even got the 32 count lugana in the "voodoo" combination - it's a bit softer than the linen colors, but still maroon and orange. The fabric is sitting on my shelf of videos. But I cannot find the pattern anywhere! I've looked for months around the house and still cannot find it. :( I don't think it was in the pod, but I'm starting to think I've lost my mind (also I can't seem to find the Robin Hood/Sherwood Forest one either, but I don't want to stitch that now)

Soooo . . . what to do to remedy this? I bought a new one. I just have to work 3 hours to pay for the Mystic Stitch order. I'm ok with that.

This is Housework. She'll be stitched on that voodoo fabric, so instead of a black background (which is supposed to be stitched . . . yeah right so not gonna) it will be a maroon/orange one.

This is the other one I bought - Night Shade II - this is the smaller version. There's also a HAED, but that's bigger than either one and I want her to go with Housework really well, so I'm doing the smaller one. I don't know what color I want for her background tho. I kind of think a blue. I think they'll go really well together, like opposites - red/blue, facing opposite ways, etc. I didn't see any other designs like that and I kind of like that they're a pair.

And Mystic Stitch is running a sale where if you buy 2 patterns, you get 2 free. So since I decided to get both my backgroundless witches and that made twooooo . . . I could pick 2!

So I picked Belladonna. She would be a good character picture, I'll have to remember that.

And the other free one I picked was Lissander.

I didn't get this one, but I think it's very striking. There's a 3 baby ghosts one I like too . . . I'd need to pick another 2 for the sale, tho it'll probably end before I get more patterns . . . tho that 3 baby ghosts would go well with that one ghost chick pattern that reminds me of Helena Ravenclaw aka the Grey Lady. Oh well . . .

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